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Connect your objects yourself

LoRa shield for Arduino

Froggy Factory creates the LoRa shield for Arduino to enable you to easily access to this technology. Thanks to the Arduino Library, you only need to write few lines of code before achieving your first LoRa radio transmission.

LoRa :

LoRa is a brand new communication technology for Internet of things provided by Semtech. Its great radio sensitivity permits to achieve long range communications of several kilometers.

Communication channels are encoded in a special way to be more robust to interferer compared to other classical modulations. You can find more information here: www.semtech.com/wireless-rf/lora.html

open source logo Lora logo

LoRa shield is open source software and hardware. This way you can hack it yourself or use hacks from others in the community.

Froggy Factory is a brand of open source logo

(Shield Lora Fabian ES1.1)

Connect your objects yourself

Three ways to be connected

One to one

With this setup you will be able to make objects communicate together in a simple way.

Just plug the LoRa shield on Arduino, write a sketch with the Library and here you go.

LoRa is bi-directionnal so you can transmit, receive or do both on the same object.

You are free to create the wireless application of your dreams!

Home gateway

Enters to the internet of things era with this setup.

We customized a linux distribution to transform your Raspberry Pi in a LoRa gateway.

We packaged a data base, a web server and the LoRa shield library in it.

So you will be able to access your objects from the Internet easily.

LoRa Fabian: The city gateway

LoRa fabian is a collaborative project providing internet of things network.

If your place is covered by a LoRa Fabian gateway, connect your object to the Internet.

A cloud service is provided for your data if you purchase a shield.

Standalone mode

We love Arduino, but it has a high current consumption and this is a big issue if you want your project to be battery powered. That's why we designed the shield to work alone in low power mode.

For your application we made Digital IOs, ADCs and buses easily accessible on the shield to have same functionality as Arduino.